Ticking Along with Swiss Kids

ISBN: 978-3-905252-15-6

by Dianne Dicks and Katalin Fekete
Illustrations by Marc Locatelli
photographs by Emanuel Ammon / AURA

Have fun learning all you need to enjoy making friends and feeling at home in Switzerland.

Susy and Thomas need to tell their Uncle George the secret only Swiss kids know. Lucky for them that they meet Angela who loves books and can give them lots of exciting tips about their new homeland. Together they explore what Switzerland is all about; its languages, food, festivities, customs, and fun places to visit. Angela also shows them what to expect in the neighbourhood and at school, what kids read, sing, play and how they get along. She also explains all the dos and don’ts, what they need to watch out for, what they can discover at school and on adventures throughout the country.

Children from ages 6 to 12 will enjoy the playful cartoons and illustrations and the many photographs showing all aspects of life in Switzerland in all its diversity.

Includes songs with their musical scores, a one-act play, maps, lists of hundreds of places to visit, and a 32-card language game to help kids enjoy trying to speak a Swiss language.

To receive a free PDF with 40 suggestions for using Ticking along with Swiss Kids in the classroom or to help children (or their parents) feel at home in Switzerland, contact info@bergli.ch.

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