Ticking Along Free

ISBN: 978-3-905252-02-6

Various authors
edited by Dianne Dicks

If you enjoyed Ticking Along with the Swiss and its follow-up Ticking Along Too, then move on to this third collection of stories about living with the Swiss Ticking Along Free.

Join these thirty-eight authors who are coming and going, climbing cliffs, finding jobs and a plot, exploring the myth of lousy lovers, plunging in and out of trouble and on the wrong trains, making new friends on benches, or in places for women only. Discover a dog that drives a car and a cat that saves Christmas, feel how cultures sometimes clash when you're stuck between two worlds. Grab some tips for doing business, have fun with Swiss German, figure out how Switzerand works with the laundry room key. The authors living in Switzerland come from Australia, Canada, the Caribbean, England, Ethiopia, Ghana, the Philippines, and the USA. Some simply can't remember. Some have always been and will always be Swiss (Hugo Loetscher, Franz Hohler, Gisela Widmer, Emil Zopfi, -minu). All are at home, yet foreign, and making the best of it.

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