Beyond Chocolate - understanding Swiss culture (new 2011 edition)

ISBN: 978-3-905252-21-7

by Margaret Oertig-Davidson

“If this book could be a person, it would be every newcomer’s best friend. It would be someone special to steer you gently, but firmly through the intricacies of life in this lovely and complicated country, a guide who does not seek to judge or criticise, and allows you to gain an insight into the Swiss & their country”.
Hilary Frazer, Basel

Immerse yourself in the cultural attitudes of Switzerland’s fascinating, multifaceted society. This study exposes different attitudes and potential misunderstandings about friendship, neighbourliness, being professional, giving and getting compliments and criticism, parenting, schooling, being polite, entertaining, decision making, etiquette, leadership, making plans and much much more.

Format: Soft Cover, 280 pages, 15 x 21 cm, CHF 29.80

The new edition contains two chapters with 40 additional pages about Swiss attitudes to risk and safety (natural dangers, playing with fire, exposing children to risks like saws, drills and knives at school and the risks on playgrounds, Alpine risk assessment, and much more).

Click here for reviews by the students of the Pädagogische Hochschule des Kantons St Gallen.

For the German edition of Beyond Chocolate see Schokolade ist nicht alles.

Ebook edition 978-3-905252-23-1 available for download:

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