CHEESE - slices of Swiss culture

ISBN: 978-3-905252-20-0

by Sue Style

photographs by Nikos Kapelis

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In Cheese - slices of Swiss culture you will discover the exciting range of great cheese being made in Switzerland, learn how it's made, what makes it so special and what to look for to treat your taste buds.

All the prize-winning cheese makers portrayed are small-scale and artisanal, some of them located on remote Alpine hillsides, following traditions that have been upheld for several centuries. You'll meet also some of the most creative cheese masters, lovers of their craft and of the exciting flavours that can be conjured up from wholesome, mostly raw milk from cows, goats and sheep.

Cheeses from all around the country are portrayed:

Appenzeller, Berner Alpkäse AOC, Berner Hobelkäse AOC, Bündner Bergkäse, Emmentaler AOC, L'Etivaz AOC, Le Gruyère AOC, Tête de Moine AOC, Tilsiter,  Sbrinz AOC, Vacherin Fribourgeois AOC, Vacherin Montd'Or AOC as well as a handful of newly created cheeses and some prize-winning goat's and sheep's milk cheeses.

You'll find information about lively cheese markets, festivals and museums, and seek out spectacular speciality cheese shops. You'll be able to create the finest cheese plates and enjoy making twenty of Sue Style's new, delicious, easy-to-make recipes using these fine cheeses.

Textile-bound hardcover gift edition, 256 pages, 270 colour illustrations, CHF 49.90.

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