Sali zämme - your Baseldütsch survival guide

ISBN: 978-3-905252-26-2

by Sergio J. Lievano & Nicole Egger

Baseldütsch by Walter Loeliger

Now you too can enjoy speaking Swiss German. In fact, with this survival guide and its 200 cartoons and illustrations, it's not just easy - it's downright fun.
With Sali zämme you'll learn to express your feelings and opinions, shop and meet people - all in Baseldütsch. You'll find the formulations you need to enjoy Swiss social life or engage in sports and outdoor activities. And you'll discover lots of handy phrases for small talk, eating out, making telephone calls, getting and giving help in an emergency, and other day-to-day language needs.

Sali zämme includes over 2000 words and phrases. They're derived primarily from the dialect spoken in Basel, which is understood throughout the Swiss German speaking part of the country.

Sali zäme is chock-full of encouragement for you to get a grip on the expressions you'll need if you're to enjoy your time in Switzerland and feel at home here.

Sali zäme includes an English to Swiss German and a Swiss German to English dictionary.

Listen to Baseldütsch: If you worry about the correct pronunciation and spelling in Swiss German you will enjoy hearing this entertaining performance about Baseldütsch: Sage Si Epfel (mp3 file, duration 5.24 minutes). Text by Walter Loeliger, being read by the actor Urs Bihler. From 'Zämme fägts', live recordings from the Basel Fasnacht 2011, (P) 2011 SRF Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen, copyright and available as CD from Bider & Tanner, Ihr Kulturhaus mit Musik Wyler.

You can read the text to Sage Si Epfel here.

Format: Hardcover, 176 pages, 15 x 21 cm

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