In a Nutshell Series

ISBN: 81

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Swissness in a Nutshell

What is Switzerland? With more than two hundred full-colour cartoons, photos, and works of art this accessible guide illuminates the unique alpine nation. From William Tell to Heidi, Swiss Army Knives to cheese, litter-free streets to punctual trains. Winner of the 2013 Albert Oeri Democracy Prize


Swiss Democracy in a Nutshell

An accessible, illustrated introduction to Switzerland’s unique form of democracy. Written by well-known comedian and political scientist Vincent Kucholl, and illustrated by Mix&Remix, the book is both for those new to Switzerland as well as anyone who would like to finally understand direct democracy, political parties, or what goes on in Bern. Translated from the French. Winner of the 2013 Albert Oeri Democracy Prize.


Swiss History in a Nutshell

Whether you've just arrived in Switzerland or lived here many years, knowing about Swiss history helps you feel at home. An easy read, Swiss History in a Nutshell gives you an insight into the most fascinating moments in Switzerland's rich and colourful history, including: Switzerland's surprising past as a leading military power in Europe; how Swiss democracy matured through several revolutions; the origins of Swiss cultural differences and how they were overcome to create a stable federal republic; and how Switzerland's direct democracy, consensus politics and legendary economic prosperity were achieved.




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