The Naked Swiss: A Nation Behind 10 Myths

ISBN: 978-3-905252-90-3

Clare O’Dea promises to change the way the world thinks about modern Switzerland – and give Swiss readers much to think about too. In ten chapters O’Dea dismantles the most positive myths of modern Switzerland (The Swiss are Rich/Brilliant/Have the Perfect Democracy) with the same sharp journalistic eye she assesses the negative one (The Swiss are Crooked Bankers/Xenophobic/Helped the Nazis).

Already excerpted in Switzerland’s weekly Die Weltwoche and garnering lavish praise (see below), O’Dea – ten year veteran at Swissinfo, and now Swiss herself – introduces readers to a cast of real Swiss, painting a lively country through many anecdotes. It is a Switzerland of the twenty-first century – a Switzerland of working mothers, banks gone bankrupt, multicultural football teams. It is a book that isn’t afraid to address past shame, present national crises and even the Swiss sex life.

In fact-based chapters O’Dea presents a Switzerland that will surprise even many Swiss readers. O’Dea speaks five languages, has visited all 26 cantons, and is the mother of three Swiss children, and her deep knowledge of the country is on display page after page. It promises to be the most important book about Switzerland for international readers for the next several years to come.


Early Reviews:

“Impressive. I thought I knew a little about Switzerland. Now I know how little I knew.”

-Wolfgang Koydl, bestselling author of Die Besserkönner: Was die Schweiz so besonders macht


“Fast-moving and entertaining, The Naked Swiss presents a wealth of new material on the well-worn clichés about Switzerland and lays many (Swiss) myths to rest.”

-Margaret Oertig, author of Beyond Chocolate: Understanding Swiss Culture


“A fascinating book about Switzerland, that contains many new insights, clears away the clichés, and delivers a convincing explanation of many assumptions...Very few Swiss could write in as refined and precise a way about their homeland as Clare O’Dea. A pleasure to read!”

-Claude Baumann, author of the biography Robert Holzach: Eine Schweizer Bankier und seine Zeit (A Swiss Banker in His Time)



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