Switzerland: A Cartoon Survival Guide

ISBN: 9783038690214

Switzerland is a mystery right at the heart of Europe. Bestselling author and cartoonist Sergio J. Lievano (Hoi: your Swiss German Survival Guide) joins forces with journalist Wolfgang Koydl to unravel the enigmas: from the Rütli Oath to Swiss politics, alpine fauna to fighter jets, Albert Einstein to Roger Federer. Learning about this odd country has never been so much fun.

 “Bite-size facts and full-on fun, this is Swiss infotainment at its best.“

-Diccon Bewes, bestselling author of Swiss Watching: In the Land of Milk and Money


“If you would like to understand the inscrutable, mysterious Swiss, read this book.”

-Jean Ziegler, Former Swiss parliament member and bestselling author


“A highly entertaining combination of good research and mischievous fun, this

colourful and clever guide to Switzerland leaves no stone unturned.”

-Clare O’Dea, author of The Naked Swiss: A Nation Behind 10 Myths


“So many details, and so funny! Should even be required reading in Swiss schools!”

-Felix Schaad, editorial cartoonist, Tages-Anzeiger


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