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    Bergli Books publishes books that focus on Switzerland, as well as books about intercultural issues.

    We’re currently seeking new projects that fit our profile. Before submitting a manuscript or an inquiry, however, please carefully read the information below.

    Bergli Books publishes books on Swiss themes that are distributed through our well-established sales channels in Switzerland as well as through selected foreign distributors and directly to consumers through our website. 90% of sales volume occurs in Switzerland, so, with very few exceptions, we’re only interested in books that would interest a wide range of English-readers in Switzerland.

    In order for a book to be considered commercially viable, we need to be confident that we can sell at least 5,000 copies inside Switzerland in the first few years--a feat in such a small market, but one we’ve managed time and again. For projects that we do not judge to have the potential to meet that level of sales, we need to secure sponsorship in the form of arts grants or printing subsidies before taking the book on. While we have a great deal of experience in seeking sponsorship and are happy to support authors in this process, the majority of the work falls to the author. We’re not a self-publishing company and we don’t accept direct payments from authors.

    We’re particularly interested in the following kinds of books:

    • Entertaining introductions to facets of life in Switzerland, ideally with a graphic design or illustration element
    • Useful reference works on themes of Swiss life or travel
    • Something we’ve never done before, but which could appeal to a wide range of English readers in Switzerland and does not compete with large UK and US publishers

    We’re not interested in the following kinds of books:

    • Family sagas
    • Books that have no connection to Switzerland
    • Novels, poems, or short story collections
    • Books that complain about the Swiss or how difficult it is to live in Switzerland

    If you have a manuscript that fits this profile and you would like to submit it to us, please send your exposé to us via our contact form.

    You can also mail an exposé and a sample of your work to:

    Bergli Books
    Imprint of Schwabe Verlag
    Steinentorstrasse 11
    CH-4010 Basel

    Feel free to contact us before the book is finished—we’ll have lots of suggestions and you’ll save time.

    We look forward to hearing from you.

    Richard Harvell, Executive Editor